Taming a stranger

Taming a stranger 2021 – Work in Progress _Apie (LT) Meninis video projektas “Prisijaukinant svetimą” tiria kūrybos galimybes izoliacijoje. Filmuotos judesių kompozicijos buvo kuriamos prisitaikant ir reflektuojant uždaras namų erdves. Vėliau šios choreografijos atliktos ir filmuotos gamtoje. Taip namuose konservuotos judesių kompozicijos viena po kitos išvestos „pasivaikščioti”.   Tas pats judesys veikiamas uždaros, o vėliau […]


HeimsEndir Í sprungu alheimsinsfinnum við veröldinabresta.Milli veruleika og stjarnheimaHuginn & Muninnmætast. Vængjablak þeirra sameinaöndverð öfl.Blæ & Brimiástarbrími andhverfa. Í ljósum logum norðurhvelsinshimingeimur & grundstíga dans hálfmánansog verða eitt.Vegvísir til enda veraldar. Edge of the World In the crack of the universe We feel the world bursting.In between reality and star-worlds Huginn & Muninnmeet. Their wing-beat […]


_Volca “saps què s’amagasota el pacífic verdvellutat d’arbres?                       el roig què xucla la blancaflor, per créixer tan fràgilsi no és el foc?” Anna Dodas i Noguer,  1961 / 1986 _Volcano “do you know what is hiddenunder the peaceful greentree velvet?                       the red what sucks the whiteflower, to grow so fragileif not the fire? […]

Armillary sphere

Armillary Sphere “An astrolabe is an ancient tool used in solving problems that involve time and the position of the Sun and stars. Astrolabes can be used in timekeeping, surveying, geography, and astronomy to name a few disciplines. ” Source – Wikipedia _Info Event / Sviests 2019 Where / Valmiermuiža, Latvia Date / June 2019 […]


Unity Baltic Unity day (Lithuanian: Baltų vienybės diena, Latvian: Baltu vienības diena) is a commemorative day celebrated on September 22 in Lithuania and Latvia. It was recognized as such in 2000 by both the Seimas of Lithuania and Saeima of Latvia commemorating the 1236 Battle of Saule, where the joint pagan Samogitian and Semigallian forces […]

Sviesta Ķērne

Sviesta Ķērne The fire sculpture „Butter Churn” refers through its name and shape to the name of the festival (Sviests – Butter) and reminds of its basic idea – butter as a symbol of the most precious one can get from milk through active human impact – thus eventually becoming a cultural product. The same […]

Where the paths cross

交會處 所有的路都將有交錯之際。所有行動都與一次決定有關。若沒有傾聽,對話就不算成立。唯有面對面,共識才有可能發生。風輕撫土地,思緒飄向天際,隱藏在那兒的,是一處不足為奇的平凡之地。「無處」本身就是一種所在。在此,來自四方的起點共同構築出一個臨時而起的聖殿,這裡就是路徑交會之處。 Where the paths cross “There is no path without an intersection. There is no action without a decision. There is no dialogue without listening. There is no consensus without a meeting point. There, where the wind touches the earth, where thoughts touch the sky, is a commonplace, a hidden place. There, where “nowhere” […]

Gates of “Last Light of Summer”

Gates of “Last Light of Summer” The gate was designed to be the entrance to autumn equinox festival “Drevernos Rudens Lygė”. The event begins with the dusk and the lights of the gate represent the last light of summer because when the event finishes it will be already autumn and lights will be off. The […]


Balance _Info Event / Drevernos Rudens lygė Where / Dreverna, Lithuania Date / Sept 2017 _Info Height / 700 cm Width / 700 cm Depth / 250 cm _Info Timber Straw _Sculpture

MoonSun fight

MoonSun fight “The word is derived from the Latin aequinoctium, from aequus (equal) and nox (genitive noctis) (night). On the day of an equinox, daytime and nighttime are of approximately equal duration all over the planet.“ Source – WikipediaThis kinetic sculpture represents the eternal fight of power between daytime and nighttime. Both represented with the […]