Where the paths cross

交會處 所有的路都將有交錯之際。所有行動都與一次決定有關。若沒有傾聽,對話就不算成立。唯有面對面,共識才有可能發生。風輕撫土地,思緒飄向天際,隱藏在那兒的,是一處不足為奇的平凡之地。「無處」本身就是一種所在。在此,來自四方的起點共同構築出一個臨時而起的聖殿,這裡就是路徑交會之處。 Where the paths cross “There is no path without an intersection. There is no action without a decision. There is no dialogue without listening. There is no consensus without a meeting point. There, where the wind touches the earth, where thoughts touch the sky, is a commonplace, a hidden place. There, where “nowhere” […]

Uguns Saule

Uguns Saule aBOUT In Latvian mythology, this Goddess represents the eternal symbol of life and movement. She knows and sees everything. In front of other signs, the sun occupies a place of honour, because she is considered as the mother of all children. She also teaches justice and mercy. _Info Event / Sviests 2017 Where […]