Eight Auspicious Signs

_Eight Auspicous Signs About Harmony of change – Өлзий / Ölzii / Endless Knot About Will and Commitment – Нум сум / Num Sum / Bow and Arrow About Wisdom and Knowledge – Номын хүрд / Nomyn khürd / Dharma Wheel About Profency and Prowess – Aраатны хадны зураг / Araatny khadny zurag / Beast […]


“Ama-gi” – Sumerian word for “Freedom”- the oldest known written concept of “freedom” – the literal translation is “coming back to the mother”, “coming back to where you belong”.

The sculpture has two main themes – freedom and transformation or transmutation.

S koljena na koljeno​

“S koljena na koljeno” (Passed through generations) is an artwork related to the cultural identity of the Island of Rab, Croatia. A land-art installation to pay respect to the set of characteristics that does this island unique.

Cultural identity is a part of a person’s identity. I believe a place could have its own cultural identity, self-conception and self-perception. And like each person’s identity, every location identity is related to the environment (orography and nationality), biodiversity (races and ethnicities), beliefs and behaviours, generation or any kind of social group that has its own distinct culture as in this case, the islands of Adriatic sea.


Rachis comes from Ancient Greek and gives its name to the axial part of numerous compound structures in animals, fungi and plants. For the human being, it gives name to the backbone or spine being the main axis or “shaft”.


HeimsEndir Í sprungu alheimsinsfinnum við veröldinabresta.Milli veruleika og stjarnheimaHuginn & Muninnmætast. Vængjablak þeirra sameinaöndverð öfl.Blæ & Brimiástarbrími andhverfa. Í ljósum logum norðurhvelsinshimingeimur & grundstíga dans hálfmánansog verða eitt.Vegvísir til enda veraldar. Edge of the World In the crack of the universe We feel the world bursting.In between reality and star-worlds Huginn & Muninnmeet. Their wing-beat […]


_Volca “saps què s’amagasota el pacífic verdvellutat d’arbres?                       el roig què xucla la blancaflor, per créixer tan fràgilsi no és el foc?” Anna Dodas i Noguer,  1961 / 1986 _Volcano “do you know what is hiddenunder the peaceful greentree velvet?                       the red what sucks the whiteflower, to grow so fragileif not the fire? […]

Armillary sphere

Armillary Sphere “An astrolabe is an ancient tool used in solving problems that involve time and the position of the Sun and stars. Astrolabes can be used in timekeeping, surveying, geography, and astronomy to name a few disciplines. ” Source – Wikipedia _Info Event / Sviests 2019 Where / Valmiermuiža, Latvia Date / June 2019 […]

Sviesta Ķērne

Sviesta Ķērne The fire sculpture „Butter Churn” refers through its name and shape to the name of the festival (Sviests – Butter) and reminds of its basic idea – butter as a symbol of the most precious one can get from milk through active human impact – thus eventually becoming a cultural product. The same […]